Who is Healthcare Supply & where did we come from?

Healthcare Supply is a second- generation, family- owned & operated, dental supply company based in West Palm Beach, Florida. We have been in business for nearly 30 years, and are a direct distributor for some of the most popular and desired brands in the industry. It took us longer to get online than we might have liked, but here we are!

Why can’t I find “My Favorite Product” on your site?

Despite our best efforts, we are unable to provide products from every manufacturer online. Please call our customer service specialists at 800-413-3913 to inquire about the items you were unable to find.

Why should we buy our supplies from you?

You know that feeling you get when a patient leaves your roster to go to a large GPO? Well, we are you, and we know that feeling. Just in a distributor sense. We are a small business, and we thrive on helping other small businesses, like yours, save money and get treated with the respect they deserve. Small businesses stay in business by supporting other small businesses. No one dreams of helping corporate CEO’s finance their vacation homes!

Do I need to be a dentist to purchase from you?

You do. We are a distributor of dental products to licensed dental professionals in the United States. You will be required to submit your dental license number during check out and we will verify it before shipping your order.

Can I get a custom quote or pricing comparison?

 Yes! Please call someone from our inside sales team at 800-413-3913 and we will work with you to make sure our pricing is perfect for you.

How do I return something?

First, call customer service at 800-413-3913. They will issue an RMA#, and you can return the unwanted items after that. For complete details, please click here: Return Policy

Why is every phone number on this website the same?

Automated phone systems are terrible! Your call will be answered by a 100% authentic,  real human here in our West Palm Beach facility Monday-Friday from 830-5 EST. We will listen to your needs and direct you to someone who can help, no button pressing or menu navigation required.