1. We're Turning 30!
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    We're Turning 30!

    Healthcare Supply Celebrates 30 Years!


         It’s kind of funny, when you celebrate a birthday or anniversary, what we consider a “big” year are normally the ones that end in zero!  After looking back on the last thirty years, wow, has it been a journey. Like a roller coaster of course, ups and downs, twists & turns, and of course sometimes feeling upside down.  But, in the end, we are better, stronger, and more resilient than ever. I, Andrew, have been working here at Healthcare Supply (HCS) for 14 years now, and couldn’t be happier. It’s amazing working for a company who appreciates their staff as much as their customers, and here’s my story.

         Starting my career at a young 15 years old, I always thought I was going to be a store manager at Publix Super Markets. Working my way up thro

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  2. What is an Amalgam Separator and How do I Change these Traps?
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    What is an Amalgam Separator and How do I Change these Traps?

    What is an amalgam separator? An amalgam separator is a small piece of dental equipment attached to your main vacuum that separates the dental amalgam from other dental waste to keep the amalgam from ending up in our waterways.


    When/ how often am I supposed to change the amalgam separator trap?

    To be in compliance, the amalgam separator trap must be changed a minimum of once a year. In a busy practice, traps can be changed to upward of 3 to 4 times a year. Each refill cartridge has a ‘full line’ to let the office know when to change out their trap. Healthcare Supply, being highly concerned with its partners' compliance, offers automatic subscriptions to ensure you receive a new trap annually as a reminder to change it out.


    Changing the Amalgam Separator trap of a Solmetex NXT HG5

    The Solmetex NXT HG5 is the most com

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  3. What is a Cavitron and how is it used?
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    What is a Cavitron and how is it used?

    Wondering about Cavitrons and Ultrasonic Scaling? First, let's clear something up. A Cavitron IS an Ultrasonic Scaling Unit, they are one and the same, which simply means they use water and vibrations to remove build-up in between and around your teeth at the gumline. Cavitron is just a name brand, manufactured by Dentsply Sirona, and just like Kleenex or Band-Aid Brand products, this means these are also some of the most expensive units and inserts on the market.

    Let's Dig In!

    Ultrasonic scaling units first need to be plugged into a power outlet and a water source. Power creates the energy for ultrasonic vibrations while a steady water stream aids the removal of debris simultaneously with the cleaning. Typically, the professional in the dental office using this equipment is the dental hygienist. This isn't to say dentists never use them, but it’s rare. Hygienists seem to be moving away from hand scaling with stainless steel instruments and working more w

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  4. Why Buy from Healthcare Supply?
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    Why Buy from Healthcare Supply?

    Local Is Better!

    Healthcare Supply (HCS) is a family-owned and operated business in South Florida. Joe and Andrew Stave, brothers, run this second-generation company. Both Joe and Andrew complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Andrew excels at sales and marketing while Joe flourishes running the day-to-day operations and website. Together we have put our minds together to implement premier customer service while still offering everyday low prices.

    Joe and Andrew believe in hard work paying off. Both

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  5. pexels-anna-shvets
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    School’s Out for Summer

    How to keep up good oral health over the summer break!

    School is out, the kids are home, and routine is thrown out the window. It is very easy for kids to “forget” to brush their teeth. Maybe after watching an extended amount of TV in the morning or sleeping over at a friend’s house, kids get too busy to remember. I remember when I was young and invincible, and my family took me on vacation. I never wanted to brush my teeth before going out for breakfast. Having that minty flavor overpower my orange juice

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  6. What is a Montana Jack Scaler? | Healthcare Supply
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    What is a Montana Jack Scaler? | Healthcare Supply

    What is a Montana Jack Scaler?

    The Montana Jack (R138) sickle scaler is one of Paradise Dental Technologies (PDT) signature instruments, meaning it’s one of their most popular, and an exclusive model only to be purchased in PDT brand.  

    The Montana Jack is available in three different options. The original (yellow handle), the original in pink (portion of proceeds help benefit cancer research), and

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  7. Top Dental Supply Products | Composites | Healthcare Supply
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    Top Dental Supply Products | Composites | Healthcare Supply

    Four of the Best Dental Supply Brands for Composite Materials that Every Dentist Should Know About

    As fellow consumers, we are always looking for the best quality supplies at the best possible price. Healthcare Supply (HCS) is not some large corporate entity on the New York Stock exchange. We are a family-owned and operated dental supplier based in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

    So when we say we care about saving you money, but more importantly time, we mean it. HCS stocks thousands of supplies from surgical, and preventative to small equipment, disposables, endodontic, and many other categories. And we provide same day shipping on orders for your convenience.  

    Here are four of the top brands who produce composite materials, either carpules or syringes, that we recommend for dentists. Each regularly offers buy/get promotions and has the same, if not very similar quantities or grams per item.

    • Shofu Beautifil II - Best return on investment
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  8. What is Retraction Paste? And How Does it Compare to Packing Cord?
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    What is Retraction Paste? And How Does it Compare to Packing Cord?

    What is Retraction Paste & How Does it Compare to Packing Cord?

    Retraction paste takes the place of packing cord or can be used in conjunction with cord. Considered to be easier, quicker and less painful for the patient than packing cord, retraction paste goes around the gingiva of the tooth and then the patient bites down on a retraction cap which each come in three sizes depending which tooth is being worked upon. 

    Dental laboratories insist on some sort of retraction whether it be cord or retraction paste when taking impressions for precise procedures like crowns and bridges. When taking impressions for a retainer or night guard, retraction is not necessary.

    Retraction paste is purchased either in a syringe or a compule. Premier Traxodent is one of the most popular options which comes in both the syringe and compule delivery system. Traxodent

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  9. Diamond Burs vs Carbide Burs
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    Diamond Burs vs Carbide Burs

    Diamond burs vs Carbide burs

    When it comes to diamond burs vs carbide burs, not all are created equally. In fact, many dental burs are two pieces fused together which normally do not fracture or break, yet it’s important to note that these are more likely to than a one-piece bur. 

    In terms of variety, there are many different brands for either carbide or diamond burs but most brands will manufacture both. Some of the most well known bur suppliers include Microcopy, Alpen, Meisinger, SS White, and Defend. While Premier, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of dental supplies, only makes diamond burs. Normally, the manufacturer's diamonds come in both reusable and disposable styles. While carbide burs also come in reusable and disposable styles. Both carbide and diamond burs also come in many different shapes and sizes.

    How are diamond and carbide burs sold?

    The standard sized pack of reusable diamond burs is five, and disposable is 25.  A f

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    Who is Healthcare Supply?

    Who is Healthcare Supply?

    Healthcare Supply (HCS) is a South Florida based family-owned and operated business led by two brothers, Joe and Andrew Stave. Born in Philadelphia, the Stave’s moved south to Florida in the summer of 1993. Then a year later Healthcare Supply was born, launched by Joe and Andrews’ parents Marc and Shelly in 1994. 

    Over the next 27 years, Marc and Shelly ran the day-to-day operations and grew the business from the ground up. Initially, in those early days, earning new business

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