Promotion Information

Manufacturer Fulfilled Promotions:

"Manufacturer Fulfilled" promotional items will be sent to you by the manufacturer within their specified fulfillment times. Most of these times range from 6-8 weeks, some may take longer, and we make no guarantees about when you will receive your free/ promotional items. When you purchase qualifying items with a manufacturer fulfilled promotion you will be emailed a redemption form with your order confirmation which you will need to send to the manufacturer with a copy of your invoice for the sale.

We are always here to help if you have any questions or issues while trying to redeem your promotions. Please reach out to our customer experience team at 800-413-3913 and we will assist you with all your redemptions.

Healthcare Supply Fulfilled Promotions (Shipped with Order):

"Shipped with Order" promotional items will be automatically added to your cart as you add the items on sale, and will then be shipped to you as part of your order.