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Blue phosphoric etchant is the most popular etchant sold, most being 37% acid.

Dental etchants are acidic substances used in dentistry to prepare tooth surfaces for bonding procedures, such as placing composite resin fillings or applying dental sealants. The etchant is applied to the tooth enamel or dentin to create a rough surface that enhances the adhesion of dental materials.

Etching Mechanism

The etchant works by selectively dissolving the minerals present in the tooth structure, primarily the hydroxyapatite crystals in enamel and dentin. This creates a microscopically rough surface with increased surface area for bonding agents to adhere to.

Safety First!

Dental etchants are acidic and can irritate the soft tissues in the mouth, so it is important to take proper safety precautions. Dentists typically isolate the treatment area with a rubber dam or use protective measures like dental dams and saliva ejectors to prevent contact of the etchant with the gums, cheeks, or tongue.

Handle like a Pro

Dental etchants are primarily used by dental professionals during restorative procedures. Dentists have the necessary knowledge and skills to properly apply and handle etchants, ensuring effective bonding and patient safety.

Brands you like, Prices you’ll love

HCS carries many name brands as well as economical brands of dental etchants.  From Kerr and Pulpdent to economical brands like 3D JOY ETCH and Hexa. Other available dental etchants that fall in slightly different specialties are Pulpdent’s Porcelain Etch Gel and Ivoclar’s IPS Ceramic Etch Gel. Both are in stock and readily available at Healthcare Supply’s website!